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Winter Onion Onions Senshyu Yellow

Winter Onion Onions Senshyu Yellow

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Winter Seed Plant Onions - Senshyu Yellow (250g)

Do you want to enjoy your own fresh onion harvest early in the new year, without the dreaded onion fly? Then discover our Senshyu Yellow Winter Seed Potatoes (250g).

Senshyu Yellow: Japanese Quality in Yellow Winter Seed Onions

Senshyu Yellow, originally a Japanese onion variety, offers the ideal solution for an early onion harvest without any worries. These flat, yellow onions have strong and firm skin. They can be planted from mid-September to the end of October and are ready to harvest in June of the following year. In the spring you can also use them as spring onions.

Why Senshyu Yellow Winter Seed Potatoes?

With Senshyu Yellow Winter Seed Potatoes Onion Sets you enjoy:

• An early harvest in the new year
• Protection against the onion fly
• Onions with strong and firm skin
• Japanese quality directly in your own garden

Discover the benefits of Senshyu Yellow for yourself and enjoy early, home-grown onions with excellent taste and storage life.

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